Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birgles! XD

Fall 2010 - Character development for Illustration class.

Life Drawing

Fall 2009 - Few pieces from Wildlife and Figure Drawing

Fun Stuff

Spring/Summer 2010 - Keeping busy during down time in class. ^_^

Mermaid Tribal Tattoo

Fall 2007 - Tribal tattoo assignment for Beginning Drawing

Wildlife Studies

Fall 2009 - Two motion studies from Wildlife Drawing
Spring 2010 - Pre-production character design

Unfinished Flapper Girl

Fall 2010 - Started this on DeviantART Muro, but never got a chance to finish. One day I'm going to bring it into Photoshop and spruce it up.

Panda Girl

Spring 2010 - Pre-Production character design.

Turn Arounds

Spring 2010 - Pre-Production class work.

Fan Art

Hahaha! This was the year that everyone faced left. ^_^

Top: Po (c) Dreamworks
Middle: Sunni Gummi (c) Disney
Bottom: JoJo McDodd (c) Dr. Seuss/Blue Sky

Commissioned Work

Top Image: CA Southern Region FFA Logo. Copyright 2008
Bottom Image:  Recovery Hounds LLC - Accounts Payable/Auditing. Copyright 2008